Your Most Valuable Asset in Business, Your Customers

There is one thing that every Internet entrepreneur must focus upon, and that is his or her customers. That’s the bottom line. The customer is what will determine the overall success of your business.

There is one thing that every Internet entrepreneur must focus upon, and that is his or her customers. That’s the bottom line. The customer is what will determine the overall success of your business. If you treat your customers like royalty, then they’ll come back for more. However, treat your customers like dirt, and watch your traffic and your profits dwindle down to nothing. Most all Internet marketers know this, but very few of them really use the strategies and techniques that are necessary to insure that their customers become lifetime customers.

One sure fire way to insure that you get traffic to your site is to provide people with freebies. Yes that’s right! People love free stuff, and it works! Just offer them a freebie that is really worth something of real value, such as an e-book worth $20.00, or more. If you offer that for free as a bonus for purchasing your paid product, then what you’ve effectively done is to increase the overall value of the paid product. Your customers will love you for it because they got something else other than the paid product.

You see, your customers are in fact, the backbone of your business. They are what will make your business successful, or not successful, depending upon how you go about treating them. Customer relations in your business are extremely crucial. You must be willing to not only sell to them, but you must also be able to communicate with them about your products and services that you offer. Communications is vital to any business structure, and without it, your business would not be able to survive.

One of the best ways to not only keep customers, but to also attract them is in how you treat them to begin with. If you start treating your customers with the utmost respect, and deal with them on a professional level that doesn’t involve greed, then you have the chance of keeping that customer for life, and thus being able to gain new ones as well. The other person that the customer was talking to starts to think about what they may receive from the product, and how they can use that product in their life, or business. Soon the individual tells the customer that purchased the product, “Hey what’s the web address of that product?” At that point, the customer has become an instant spokesperson for you and your business, thus providing you with free advertisement, and publicity through word of mouth advertising.

If you provide quality technical support on your products through friendly, courteous staff, then your customers will rave about that too. You see, a company that has really great technical support, and answers the questions that you ask with enthusiasm, and then you have a winning technical support team that provides your business with quality services to its customers.

Never appear shady, or make shady deals, or anything of the nature. Always be up front with your customers and always treat them like royalty. Make sure that you keep in contact with them through e-mail, and let them know about special offers and incentives that you may have. Let them know that you really care about them and their needs. Make your customers the reason why you are in business in the first place.

Speaking of contacting the customers, you may want to add a form on your site that collects their name and their e-mail address. The form should be very simple, and not ask for personal information, unless it is necessary to ask for that bit of information on the form. This is known as permission based e-mail, and it works only if you ask for the name and the e-mail address of your customers.

The whole purpose of collecting the name and the e-mail address of your site visitors is to help to build your own highly targeted list that is unique to your business. Once you have those names and e-mail addresses, then you have permission to contact them because they have opted in to submitting their name and their e-mail address to you. This is what will help to build customer loyalty, and trust in you as a business owner.

Another thing is the site itself. The site must be easy to navigate and easy to understand. There is no need for all that complex technical stuff that most other sites have. All that your site needs is to be simple, and to the point. Links should be text based, and if you have any graphics, then they should be labeled for accessibility issues. Don’t use image map links, or graphical links, unless they are labeled.

Your sales copy, or ad copy should be as professional as possible. Make it worth the reading, and don’t sound too pushy, or too good to be true. Mention the facts, and provide the benefits inside the copy so that the site visitors can see just what’s in it for them.

Your Most Valuable Asset in Business, Your Customers
Written by Heat Design Group