What You Should Know About Google’s New Doorway Page Penalty Algorithm

Turn Google’s new doorway page penalty algorithm into increased visibility for your business. Learn how to create effective location pages in accordance with Google’s policies.

Google continually works on ways to improve the user’s search experience and minimize web spam, which includes doorway pages. If you have a local business website, chances are you have doorway pages for your targeted locations. While this updated algorithm could negatively affect innocent local businesses, you have the opportunity to turn this potential problem into increased visibility for your business.

What are doorway pages?

  • They are created solely for improved rankings on search queries.
  • They target multiple (and way too many) regions or cities.
  • They funnel users to the relevant portion of your site.
  • They use substantially similar content that swaps locations.
  • They have no original value in content or functionality.

Google has always targeted doorway pages, so why are they turning up the aggression now?

Too many sites are trying to increase their search footprint without adding value or relevancy to their page’s content. Google feels this hurts the user’s search experience and lowers the quality of their results, which is why they are launching the new doorway page penalty algorithm.

How should I build location pages for my local business according to Google? 

  • Build local landing pages for the most important locations/cities you want to target.
  • Feature your landing pages in the main navigation of your website.
  • Make sure each individual location page is unique with relevant content.
  • Include address, hours, phone number and services available at that location.
  • Make sure your location pages are optimized for mobile devices.
  • Use reviews, testimonials and additional location-specific content.
  • Present the information on the location pages in an easy-to-understand format.

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Googles New Doorway Page Penalty
Written by Amanda Stoneman