3 Simple Ways For Photo Improvement With Your Smartphone

Three Simple Ways For Photo Improvement With Your Smartphone

30 Years ago, It was nearly impossible to take spontaneous pictures unless you were a professional photographer or you would have had to carry your Kodak in your hand everywhere you go. Those who lived during that time, that was not the norm. Today, we have that privilege to have a camera equipped inside our cellular phone, ready to be used to capture the moments of our lives in an instant. As you use your camera phone, there are three ways to make those pictures have flawless results:

Keep The Lens Of The Camera Clean

Your smartphone is handled numerous times throughout the day. The outer case including the lens may get fingerprints, haze and possibly streaks on the surfaces. So give the lens a quick and gentle wipe with a soft cloth. The result of your photos will be crisp and clear without any objects or blemishes on them.

Crop Your Photos, Don’t Use The Zoom Option

Most photo devices in phones have a digital zoom option, even though this convenient feature may give you up-close shots, the results may be disappointing. The more you zoom in, the more your image degrades. The alternate way of zooming is simply taking a photo of the desired visual object and cropping it. This way, you will have plenty of resolution to display on the web or photo development.

There are Camera Apps That Add That Extra Touch

Did you know that whether you have an Android or an iPhone, there are apps that will give close to professional photography results? One popular choice is made by SmugMug called Camera Awesome. This free app separates the exposure lock from the AF lock which gives faster and multiple shooting. Another app called Camera+, which provides better detection for flash use.

It is truly amazing how far technology has come where an instant photo-taking device is combined in the smartphone. So enjoy your mobile device and Happy photo-taking!

Source: PC Magazine