The Personality of Typefaces

The Personality of Typefaces

The appearance of certain typefaces can have a tremendous impact on your design and should be used with care.

However, if you’re a novice designer, you may have a difficult time understanding the personality each typeface conveys. Luckily, some graduating students from Texas State University have filmed a fun project where they describe what it would be like if some well-known typefaces were people.

The students describe Courier as “an old lady sitting at a typewriter” and Helvetica as “someone who wears all black and wears glasses.” Check out some of their other hilarious responses through the two-part videos on YouTube.

If typefaces were people – part 1

If typefaces were people – part 2

You can view these designers’ portfolios at Comdes Review and see what projects they’ve completed during their undergraduate experience at Texas State University.

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How would you describe some of these popular typefaces?