The Creative Benefits of Kids Playing Minecraft

The building activity of Minecraft is not only a entertaining activity, It also improves reasoning and creative skills that helps a child’s mind develop.

During my childhood generation, one of my free time activities was sitting on the floor in front of a pile of Legos, assembling my imaginary vision of objects into reality. Once my work of art was finished, I would enjoy my new toy until a new idea would come to mind. I would take apart the previous creation and begin a new one. I am now a father and have a son that is just as creative. Besides playing with his Legos, he is also creative using his Xbox.

My son wanted a game called Minecraft and I will have to admit that I immediately thought to myself “Just another typical video game”. Boy, was I wrong! From the day we purchased this video game cartridge, I found myself briefly watching the screen, observing him construct Pyramids and Castles with pixelated blocks. He was choosing various tools to sculpt and design a dimensional world that was beyond anything I can imagine. Next he was adding waterfalls, underground passageways and wildlife! It was fascinating to see a product that not just gives children unlimited entertainment, but keeps them in touch with nature.

Earlier this year, I happened to find an article about the benefits of Minecraft. Kim Komando with USA Today, stated, “The popular build-and-survive video game Minecraft could very well be the most surprising tech success of this decade.” As I read the remaining paragraph of the article, I thought to myself how I fortunate my son was to experience this game at this stage of his life and how beneficial Minecraft will be for his developing mind. Ever since our purchase, we have “Minecraft Time” for 20 minutes every evening during the week after my son completes his homework and studies. As an adult I can’t help but to think to myself “Yesterday was plastic building blocks & today is virtual-based. I wonder what they will think of next for our future boys and girls?”


The Creative Benefit Of Kids Playing Minecraft
Written by Heat Design Group