“You” Taken Out of The “Tube”

Why has YouTube removed the personality, the “You,” from the “Tube?”

YouTube was originally created for users to express their personal views of the world around them. Recently, however, site content is more influenced by Google than its users.

You Taken Out of The Tube Featured Image

The previous features of YouTube had allowed for a wide variety of personal expression on the channels within the site. Today, the channels reflect nothing more than the videos being uploaded. The user interface has become almost robotic and cookie cutter in nature, resulting in user attention being diverted away from the social networking aspect of the previous design.

The user now spends more time watching uploads, which generates more sponsorship revenue, which in turn makes the site more about Google and less about “You.”

I expect others like Facebook and Twitter to follow suit as engaging user experiences become secondary to the ads being placed on your screen based on your data.