Some Marketing Statistics You May Have Missed

Here’s the latest statistics in interactive digital marketing. Many companies are starting off the New Year with incredible growth especially as it relates to digital video.

We’ve compiled a list of some interesting interactive marketing statistics that show how companies are starting off the New Year. From digital ads racking up billions in sales to shoppers using mobile devices to make purchases, hopefully these statistics will help you figure out how to tailor your marketing goals and campaigns for 2016.

  1. Netflix shows incredible growth.
    Consumers watched an increase of 8.25 billon hours of programming since the end of 2014.
  2. Snapchat sees increase in video views.
    Snapchat’s mobile video traffic has tripled with users watching videos more than seven billion times a day.
  3. Social advertising is booming.
    Facebook’s video and mobile-video add spending increased by more than 40% for clients.
  4. Livestreaming videos are surging.
    Periscope, a livestreaming video app, has gathered 100 million broadcasts since spring of last year.
  5. Digital ads surpass search ads.
    Digital-display ads – such as video, rich media and social ads – will result in more than 30 billion proceeds.
  6. Uber tripled net revenue.
    Uber’s net revenue increased from the millions to $1.5 billion at the end of 2015.
  7. Mobile shopping catches up to desktop.
    During the holidays, shoppers spent almost as much on purchases made from smartphones than desktops.
  8. Donald Trump conquers YouTube.
    During the first week of January, Donald Trump gained more than 780,000 video views.
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Written by Amanda Stoneman