Social Media Marketing Dos and Dont’s

If you want to jumpstart your marketing plan for your small to medium-sized business, social media is the way to go. More and more adults use social networking sites every day. If done correctly, social media marketing can help you successfully promote your business and gain more loyal customers.

If you’re a small to medium-sized business considering marketing on social media outlets – such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – you’re aware of the potential impact it can have on boosting your customer base. Last year, approximately 74% of online adults utilized social networking sites to connect with friends and, more recently, businesses.

The Social Media Usage Statistics

  • 1
  • Twitter: 560 million active users1
  • Google+: 400 million active users1
  • Linkedin: 240 million active users1
  • Instagram: 150 million active users1
  • Pinterest: 70 million active users1
  • While many businesses are quick to jump on the social media marketing bandwagon, many fail to develop a plan and follow best practices which make their marketing campaign flop. Flying blind is a sure way to set your company up for failure and social media will quickly become a hindrance rather than a customer booster. If you want to learn the basics of social media protocol to maximize your success, follow these dos and don’ts of marketing on social media websites.
  • Social Media Marketing Dos
  1. Establish a plan. Social media marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You need to determine what your business wants to accomplish, who you’re targeting, what platform you want to use and how you’ll engage your customers. Successful marketing takes planning.
  1. Connect and build relationships. When utilizing social media, you should try to build relationships with your customers not just broadcast information. Three good tips for building relationships through your content are educate, entertain and inform your followers/friends.
  1. Complete your profile. Completed profiles are easier to trust than those lacking information. Start with photos, include relevant company information users may be seeking, fill out the “about us” section and engage with your customers. First impressions are important.
  1. Post frequently. Interaction with your customers helps build relationships. You should be active on your account, posting relevant, self-promoting and intriguing content. In addition, you should respond to your follower’s/friend’s comments to show that you care.
  1. Re-purpose your content. Writing new content takes time. If you want to save time, re-purpose your content in a thoughtful way. Make sure to change it up so you’re not spitting out the same information over and over. Tip: Try highlighting something new in an old post.
  1. Speak for your brand. Branding is key in any type of marketing. You should remain professional at all times and speak in one voice – the same voice used across all your business’ channels: website, print advertising, landing pages, etc.

Social Media Marketing Don’ts

  1. Don’t use automation for all your posts. People don’t enjoy speaking with robots. Instead put in the time to show you are human and care about your customers.
  1. Don’t neglect your account. You have to put in effort. Just creating an account will not do. Be active and engage with your customers. Ask questions. Answer questions. Be there for them.
  1. Don’t overshare. Oversharing will contribute to you losing friends/followers, not gaining them. People don’t like being bombarded with content and your brand will look like spam.
  1. Don’t use poor grammar and spelling. While this is a trend for users on social media, you should always remain professional. Nothing looks worse than bad grammar and spelling.
  1. Don’t be too needy. People tend to dislike needy businesses that are desperate for their followers to retweet something or their Facebook friends to share. Let it happen naturally.
  1. Don’t delete negative comments. If you want to be proactive and gain your customers’ trust, show them you will do everything in your power to resolve any issue and make them happy.
  1. Don’t overuse hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to categorize your posts, but you don’t have to hashtag every word. #People #tend #to #find #that #very #annoying.

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Written by Amanda Stoneman