Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices

If you want to successfully improve your search engine optimization performance, implement Google’s best practices for SEO. These should help you improve not only your user’s experience but your organic search ranking.

Whether you’re new to the trend of search engine optimization or you just want to stay current with best practices, Heat Design Group is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of Google’s best practices for SEO. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll automatically be ranked first, implementing these best practices should improve your user’s experience and your ranking in organic search results.

Basic Optimizations

  • Create unique title/meta tags for each individual page
  • Accurately describe the topic of the page’s content
  • Use concise and informative, yet descriptive page titles
  • Write informative and interesting description meta tags
  • Supply alt text when you use images as links

Site Structure Optimizations

  • Use relevant words to your site’s content in URLs
  • Make it easy for users to navigate your site with a simple directory structure
  • Refer to one URL to reach an internal link or document
  • Create a logical and natural-flowing hierarchy
  • Compose navigation of mostly text to help search engines crawl your site

Content Optimizations

  • Focus content on targeted keyword relevancy
  • Write compelling, easy-to-read and useful text
  • Create content for your users, not search engines
  • Break up your content into logical divisions
  • Write concise, yet descriptive anchor text for links
  • Format links so they’re easy to distinguish from regular text
  • Use the diction of your customers instead of industry jargon
  • Use headings appropriately and sparingly across each page

While these may seem like small modifications individually, combining them with other optimizations should have a noticeable impact on your organic search rankings. These are essential ingredients to successful search engine optimization for website, so use them wisely.

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Search Engine Optimization Best Practices
Written by Amanda Stoneman