Responsive Design Becomes Increasingly Important

Mobile internet use is steadily increasing more than ever before, and businesses should stay on top of the competition by starting to implement responsive design and mobile-friendly websites, landing pages, applications, etc.

As a society, we’re connected to our mobile devices – such as smartphones and tablets – all day, every day. Mobile devices are our go-to source for every task that used to be available only through desktop use, from browsing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to checking emails, shopping online and conducting research.

Mobile Device Statistics
•    90% of American adults own a cell phone1
•    64% of American adults own a smartphone1
•    32% of American adults own an e-reader1
•    42% of American adults own a tablet computer1

Mobile Use Statistics
•    99% of mobile users access content/information2
•    63% of mobile users access the Internet2
•    62% of mobile users check email2
•    42% of mobile users download and use apps2
•    15% of mobile users make purchases2

Responsive Design Benefits
With the considerable increase in mobile users accessing the internet, businesses need to consider the integration of responsive design and mobile-friendly websites, applications, landing pages, sales materials, etc. Even Google prefers responsive design due to its efficiency with a single URL, instead of having mobile and desktop versions of the same site. In addition, responsive design can increase conversion rates by making it easier for users to complete certain tasks on their mobile devices through certain elements such as a click-to-call button.

Responsive design also gives users a better online experience. For instance, they won’t have to waste time zooming and shrinking the text or aimlessly scrolling back and forth on the screen to keep reading. When all the content automatically adjusts to the user’s mobile screen, it creates an easier and more convenient experience for users to read and navigate the site.

Don’t lose out on potential customers – stay ahead of the competition!
Start implementing responsive design and mobile-friendly pages.

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