Print Advertising is NOT Dead Yet

As the digital marketing era transforms the way companies reach consumers, some people are too eager to put print advertising to rest. Print media still offers a plethora of benefits to help companies get maximum exposure. Before you retire print for good, consider the advantages of multi-channel campaigns.

From social media platforms to Google advertisements, the digital marketing era has transformed the way companies reach potential consumers. As a result, companies are too eager to put traditional methods, like print marketing, to rest. Although there has been a surge of increased convenience for businesses and consumers alike in regards to online marketing, print advertising is not dead yet and remains a helpful tool for getting maximum business exposure.

Advantages of Print Media

  • Tangible Materials: Printed advertisements are touchable and can be stored for later reference. There’s also no need to access a computer, tablet or smartphone. Digital ads have a tendency to disappear into cyber space and become increasingly more difficult to locate.
  • Establish Credibility: Consumers are always wary about the credibility of online advertisements due to the overwhelming amount of viruses, pop-ups, questionable websites, etc. Print advertisements usually seem more legitimate and establish a sense of trust.
  • Increase Engagement: Computer screens are harsh on a viewer’s eyes which is why most people resort to quickly scanning webpages. However, consumers are more likely to read printed material.
  • Loyal Readership: Print media sources tend to have more loyal readers for longer periods of time.
  • Free Consumers from Technology: Print advertising gives consumers a moment to unplug from the constant technology around them. Technology is a big part of our lives, so it’s no wonder why consumers enjoy the opportunity to take a break and turn off their electronic devices.

Don’t Migrate Your Advertising Efforts Solely Online – Save Some Room for Print

Unlike the burning rivalry between Mac and PC, digital and print advertising don’t have to be in combat. Businesses shouldn’t feel compelled to choose a side and stick with it. If you want to create an effective marketing strategy, it may be beneficial to think about multi-channel campaigns (digital and print). Combining the advantages of print and digital media will help you reach, engage and retain customers more effectively.

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