Xavier Mission Print Collateral

Xavier Mission, in New York gathers together twice a year to graduate its students for a second chance in life. At both times of the year, a brochure was designed with updated names of the students and staff that would be in attendance at the ceremony. In addition, a hanging sign was created to inform current students of the “do’s and dont’s” while in attendance on the mission grounds. A simple “friendly” look was created for the brochure while a more stern approach to the design was used for the sign. Heat Design Group has provided a variety of print collateral.

Volunteer Brochure:
Xavier Mission Life Skills and Empowerment Brochure Design Inside View

Xavier Mission Brochure Life Skills Training and Empowerment Program Brochure Front Panel

Xavier Mission Warning Sign for Participants:
Heat Design Group Xavier Mission Policy Poster

Xavier Mission Graduate Brochure Design:
Xavier Mission Graduate Brochure Design

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