Fox Sports Skybox Grill Graphic Wall Panels

A combination of a wall mural graphic for the elevator shaft and table-top and wall graphics for the restaurant interior.

This set of environmental graphics was designed for Fox Sports Skybox Grill in the Houston International Airport in Houston, Texas. The wall mural graphic is wrapped around an elevator shaft that leads the customer to the restaurant. The tabletop graphics, and wall panel displays were placed in the restaurant interior. The turnaround time for this project was 2 weeks.

The first part of this project involved producing a mural wrap for an elevator shaft. Using a collage of images from Houston area sports venues along with a combination of the Fox Sports branded blue color, the mural became an instant attraction to lead the public to the restaurant on the 2nd floor.

The second part involved producing a variety of table tops that depicted photos of sports objects. For example, one table had a photo of a large baseball with the Fox Sports Skybox Grill logo in the center, while another had a similar look in which a basketball was pictured.

The final part was to use sports photography to produce wall panel graphic displays. These displays again reinforced the Fox Sports Skybox brand as well as the sports theme in the Houston area.

The overall graphics package stood out as a result of both the surrounding muted colors in the airport terminal and the graphics depicting the numerous sports venues in the Houston area. This message became especially important to the visitors who weren’t familiar with the area.

Fox Sports Skybox Wall Graphic Mural Design
Written by Heat Design Group