Opinion: Building Blocks of Branding America Overseas

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Branding America starts with large corporations, the “image” of an American corporation starts with its brand. The brand is the culmination of the logo, public relations, corporate identity, and whatever else can be used to facilitate a business to standout amongst its competitors.  There are other issues to consider, however, the most important issue could be the “message” you deliver.

How do you brand America in a hostile country?

Do not deliver the wrong message when branding. While profit is important to stay afloat and maintain stability, the message must convey “for the people, by the people.”Without the right message, the brand will fail. I do not mean the company fails. I mean the look of America fails and the company takes the blame for it. The role of the designer can be to brand the company image so it places more emphasis on the people. If someone believes that a company cares for the environment or their values matter, then this displays a positive American culture and everybody wins. When a negative message is sent about a company, if the company shows disrespect for people, culture, environment, etc., then it reinforces the age-old concept of “The Ugly American.” 
The designer must reinforce not only the brand of the company but the branding of America, especially if the company has global operations.

Some companies are Branding America already, take McDonald’s and look at the message they convey. American branding overseas can be difficult with some places that completely refuse American culture and products. The negative portrayal of the American government through propaganda could be branding America as an ugly, authority figure in these localities. One thing is certain, designers need to take a leading role to brand America for the global consumer to ensure that the product values their lives, culture, and environment seriously.

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