NFL Teams Win on Social Media

As fans are eager to see who takes the Super Bowl title this year, we’re more interested in which teams are winning on social media. Here’s how some NFL teams have excelled at increased brand engagement and loyalty.

As the Super Bowl fast approaches, people are gearing up for the big game – setting up parties and trying to win one of Pizza Hut’s limited-time golden pizzas covered in edible real gold – but do you ever wonder why fans of the sport and individual teams are so eager to stay-up-to-date with the most recent updates concerning their favorite team?

The National Football League has increased fan engagement and loyalty by utilizing effective methods of social media marketing on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

The key to launching a successful social media campaign is inclusion.

So why are people so passionate about what’s happening with their favorite NFL team? It’s because the team was able to engage with their fans through social media to make them feel included – a part of the team.

Take the New England Patriots for example. The team’s social media campaigns on Twitter have been instrumental in helping them gain more than a million followers and climb the ranks in the world of digital marketing.

The #TomTuesday campaign gives fans a chance to win signed merchandise from Tom Brady. In order to win, you have to get the most retweets. This strategy is a great ways to raise brand awareness while making your fans feel included and appreciated, which will also have a positive effect on fan loyalty.

The #HardCorePatsFan campaign encourages fans to tweet photos of Patriot loyalty – from taking a selfie at a game to showcasing your impressive collection of memorabilia – to win upcoming tickets to a home game. It’s another effective strategy for increasing brand engagement and fan retention.

The Patriots hashtag giveaway campaigns have helped the brand flourish, gaining the most Twitter followers in the entire league.

While the Patriots have mastered the Twitter space, the Dallas Cowboys are ahead of the game on Facebook, the most popular platform of social media. The team’s fan page sits at nearly 8.2 million likes. But how did the Cowboys establish such dominance in the field?

While the team’s content strategy could focus on brand engagement a little more, the Cowboys have created a space for fans to feel included through consistent status updates about the team, the players and related information. Also, they give fans a place to communicate with one another and express their thoughts about the team.

NFL teams are using these effective social media strategies to grow their fan base:

  • Keep the content straight-forward and simple
  • Encourage the fans to patriciate on your page
  • Show dedication and appreciation for fans
  • Engage with your fans in a timely manner
  • Promote your brand and raise awareness

Currently, all the teams in the NFL are on at least one social media platform. As they strive to stay current with the latest trends, many teams – including the New York Jets, New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles – have created Snapchat accounts. They are using the social platform to post schedules, engage fans and share information.

As fans are eager to see who will claim the Super Bowl title this year, we’re more concerned at who’s winning on social media. What do you think? Who’s you’re favorite team and why? Have they tried to include you on social media platforms? Any advice on what these teams could be doing better at engaging fans? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Written by Amanda Stoneman