Mobile Usage for Teenagers Is Far Surpassing PC and TV Usage

The new generation of teens, often called millennial teens, are one of the hardest audiences for marketers to reach. Refuel Agency just completed a survey that gives marketers valuable insights on teenagers’ digital and social media usage to help them build more effective campaigns.

According to a new Millennial Teen Digital Explorer survey conducted by Refuel Agency, American teenagers aged 16-19 years old are spending two times as much time using mobile devices than PCs or TVs. While this data may not be surprising, it’s a serious issue for marketers who find it increasingly more difficult to reach this generation. Hopefully digging deeper on their digital usage and media perceptions will help marketers engage on a deeper level with this modern, digitally connected audience.

The number one technological product millennial teens say they cannot live without are cell/smartphones. They spend approximately six hours per day on their smartphone as compared to three and a half hours on computers and TVs. Video game consoles and tablets (2 hours) rank much lower on their technological device usage.

Where are teenagers spending most of their time on their mobile device?

New apps and social sites are consuming most of the teenagers’ time while on their mobile devices. YouTube ranks number one at 64% where most millennial teens spend their time. Facebooks is not far behind in the ranking at 51% but Instagram and Snapchat are gaining friction to soon surpass Facebook usage. In addition, almost 50% of teens report trying at least four or more new apps every month.

If marketers want to reach millennial teens their best bet would be gearing campaigns toward social media and smartphone usage. When asked which digital ads grab their attention most, 40% of teens said video and 27% said social media. Search (14%), display (12%) and pop-up (7%) ads fall way behind in the competition.

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Hopefully these valuable statistics will help you reach the tech-obsessed teens of this generation.Contact Heat Design Group at (480) 359-4847 for additional assistance building teen-geared campaigns.

Mobile Usage for Teenagers Is Far Surpassing PC
Written by Amanda Stoneman