Meathead Movers Inspire Positive Change

A California-based moving company inspires positive change in their community by helping domestic abuse victims leave their partners with free moving services. Learn more about their story today.

As success-driven individuals living in a fast-paced world, we are often too concerned with our own gain rather than benefiting other people. Meathead Movers, a California-based moving company, seeks to distill this perception of our selfishness by inspiring positive change in their community. They’ve partnered with Good Shepherd to help individuals in abusive relationships move for free.

Domestic abuse is a serious concern in our society, and many people don’t realize how difficult it can be for a victim to get away from their partner. One of the biggest challenges they face is being able to gather enough strength to pack up their belongings and leave, for good.

Good Shepherd will work with individuals to identity abusive relationships and schedule free moving services, provided by Meathead Movers. While these services will directly benefit victims of domestic abuse who are having a difficult time leaving their partner, the Meathead employees – composed of mostly young men – will feel like they are making a positive change in the world by helping women and men get away from emotional and physical pain inflicted by their loved ones.

LA Weekly interviewed Aaron Steed, the president and CEO of Meathead Movers, who said, “We know how hard it is to pack up someone’s life and move it to a new location — but it’s unimaginable to think about a woman and her children trying to pack up all their belongings and flee before the abuser returns home.” Once they realized they had the resources to provide these individuals with a fresh start on life, they felt it necessary to do so, for free.

“And hence it is, that to feel much for others and little for ourselves, that to restrain our selfish, and to indulge our benevolent affections, constitutes the perfection of human nature; and can alone produce among mankind that harmony of sentiments and passions in which consists their whole grace and propriety.” – Adam Smith

Meathead Movers Inspire Positive Change
Written by Amanda Stoneman