A Lack of Creativity for This Year’s SuperBowl Commercials May be a Cause for Concern

Creativity has again been placed on injure-reserved and sat on the sideline all season while it watches in agony how poorly the ads were produced for the biggest audience during the SuperBowl.

Creativity has again been placed on the injured-reserved list and sat on the sideline all season while we watched in agony how poorly the Superbowl commercials were for the biggest audience of the year. Let us take a few of these commercials and pick at them for a bit.


Memo to those from Scientology.org: no, I’m not interested in learning more about a religion that is far out of my budget. No thanks.


Attention to Squarespace, it is not us who should be worried about all the distractions on the web such as click here and viruses, it is you who should be concerned for not creating a user community to allow for add-ons or other customizations such as WordPress.


For most of us, it doesn’t start with a website as GoDaddy suggests. While it may be nice to have the desire to quit your job, did those who really lost their jobs, not by choice recently, really turn to GoDaddy to lure them into finding a new one? Not likely. Those who are business owners, including those who have custom websites hosted by GoDaddy, were tasting bittersweet in their chip dip after seeing their employees make a mockery on television telling their boss they are quitting right now. I mean right now, at this moment on television. Thanks for hiring me and believing in me and now here’s my return on your investment, a one dollar GoDaddy website and no loyalty. I wonder what “Joe, The Plumber” is thinking right now.


Audi’s commercial was great until the producers comprised budget for choppy graphics and pulled out a 180 degree turn from fun and funny to bland and serious of the car. In fact, forget the car, I want a Doberhuaha to protect my Ford Escort.


Kia’s commercial reminds its audiences that the Matrix franchise is still alive on the back-end while imitation luxury is as real as fake on the front-end.


What took the people of “Smartville” this long to figure this one out?


The Budweiser commercial reminds us that the reality of soldiers coming home to transition back from military to civilian life is difficult. Therefore it should start first with friends and family.


The Coca Cola commercial anchored the decisively Seattle-dominated game with a great commercial. However, it would be courteous of Coca Cola to lend the young rookie athlete a step stool to aid in the Lambeau Leap.


The generation gap between the Hyundai Elantra owners leaves much to be desired. After all, I want to know what the car can do and not what it can’t do. Really? Drive through fire hoops on the straightaway?

This year most of the commercials felt as though the creativity tank was empty and budgets ran dry. The drought the State of California is experiencing right now has extended to the best agencies that put these commercials together. This could be a cause for concern for future high priced advertising. Let’s hope this trend is very short lived.

My vote for the best, in case your wondering:

Written by Heat Design Group