How Much Money Do You Need to Feel Rich?

A new study and poll conducted by Yahoo asks children the question, “what would it take for you to feel rich?” Some of their answers offer inspirational advice to adults who should have gratitude for whatever they may currently have in their bank account.

As success-driven adults eagerly seeking more money and riches where ever possible, it’s sometimes hard to step back and consider how much money you would actually need to consider yourself rich and successful. In a new video by Yahoo Personal Finance and Parenting, young children were asked what it would take for them to feel wealthy.

While some of the children wanted large sums of money to feel rich – like a trillion dollars – other children offer important insights that some adults should take to heart. One little girl expresses that she will be content with “six monies” to buy tasty treats. Another little boy says he would only need $100. Why such a small amount? “Because many people in the world don’t even have that much.” These surprising responses from children and their views on being rich can hopefully inspire adults to have more gratitude for whatever sum of money they currently have.

According to an American Psychological Association survey completed in 2014, 72% of adults are stressed out about money, many of who are anxious over the amount currently in their bank account. Hopefully hearing from little kids will help adults take notice that feeling rich likely corresponds to feeling happy and it has so much more meaning than just growing your bank account.

Many children are content with having small sums of money to buy little treasures that make them happy but the overall consensus is feeling rich doesn’t have to just come from money – being happy, healthy and content with what you have can make all the difference.

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How Much Money Do You Need-to-Feel-Rich
Written by Amanda Stoneman