Simple Landing Page Tips

It will take only a matter of seconds to decide how successful or terrible landing page will perform. Not to long ago had seconds to make a first impression meeting face to face for the first time. If your website is genuine and start-of-the-art, your landing page should have the same level of visual appeal. We have added some simple tips to give some boost to your landing page.

Stick With Your Domain Name for Your Landing Page. 

It is better to convert using your main domain name. It builds trust between you and your current & prospective customers. Using a different URL to house your landing pages may raise red flags as you may break the trust you may be developing between them.  For example, if your site is, then your landing page should be The “special-offer” should be your landing page where you generate leads.

Don’t Just Slap a Form Anywhere on Your Landing Page

While the sole purpose of most landing pages is to generate leads, one thing to keep in mind is the placement of certain items that are viewable above the fold. One of the most used items is the form. Placement is vital if a lead is to occur. Placing your form as high as possible on the page, will yield better success to generate leads. On the other hand, the chances grow slim if the form is not seen anywhere above the fold on the page. It would be interesting to A/B test your placement of the form to determine whether your leads generate better if the form is placed on the left or right side of the screen.

Don’t Use Too Many Images

You could equate this to the jam theory to paralyze your visitors (see New York Times article, If you present too many options (or in this case, too many images), you may paralyze your visitors with too many images who do not make a decision other than bouncing them off of your page. If possible, limit your visuals to just a few.  In addition, use the same images or logos that visitors will see on their main site, thus, show that you truly have genuine information through ads and marketing promotions.

Enough Content Already

I’ve seen landing pages where there was enough content to put into a short story.  This will almost guarantee that your leads will disappear never seeing them again. Keep your content short and sweet. Remember, they are there for the buy in, not to read about how the company was started or why you care about Social Responsibility. The visitor is there because you sparked their interest. Keep them interested by telling them what they will receive or earn. Use your main image to draw their attention, then keep it short and sweet with what you have to offer.

Customer Testimonials to Build Creditability

Another important area of your page should be devoted to testimonials. Past customers who experienced the success of your product are willing to share their stories with others. Share a few testimonials on your page. Placing the testimonies near the bottom is good practice in order to keep the most important information such as the offer on the top.  Rather than using an external source such as Google+ or Yelp to view customer feedback, add good testimony near the bottom of your page so they leave with a good impression.  Be sure the testimonials are short and sweet!