Effective Advertising Tibits That May Interest You

Writing effective advertisements can be a challenge to any business owner. If the business is going to succeed, then writing about how your product is better than your competition must be effective and engaging for it to be profitable. Now let’s grab the desire results of generating new leads and sales.


Let’s imagine that you are placing an ad next to hundreds of other ads. The reader is more likely going to be scanning the page of these ads. Therefore, it is safe to assume that something in your ad will cause them to stop scanning and stare at yours. Careful consideration must be taken for the first few words of the ad must be a catchy phrase or attention-grabber. The most frequently used are “MAKE MONEY”, “FREE”, and “WIN”. In addition, it may be a good idea to explore the possibility to use other attention grabbers that have not been used, if there is room in the budget to do a little experimenting.


Now that you have gotten their attention, you may have told them that your product is superior, better, faster, or more user friendly than your competitors. Now, let’s get them to buy into your product. What does your product offer that your competition can not provide? Common mistakes with the ad are long descriptions about the product that complicate the ad. Your customers lead busy and productive lives. You may only have seconds, and therefore, do not have time nor do you want to bore them with a complete description about your product in one ad. You want them to purchase your product at the expense of only a few choice magic words that generates the “buy-in”. Such magic words or phrases may include “Guaranteed or Your Money Back” or “Easy to Use”. Catch phrases to interest new, as well as existing customers, need not be long or complicated.


At this stage once you grabbed their attention and interest them with how your product is superior to your competitors, now it is time to act on it. In other words, this is the stage where you ask for their money in exchange for their product. Call to action statements demanding them to act on their behalf is stated here. You now have the attention of the reader, increased their interest with your description of the product, therefore now is the time to have them act immediately and make the purchase. You may see phrases like “Limited Time Offer”, “Act Now” or “While Supplies Last”. Such pressure phrases may push potential customers to act fast and buy the product.

The key here is not to be clever or trick your customers. You may find that using fewer words will be more effective as some advertising costs are connected to the amount of space available and word count. Iit may be helpful to study your competitors’ ads to see what may be working for them and what needs improvement. You may spot their mistakes that can turn into a potential profit opportunity for you.

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