DIY Analysis

Is your website effectively working for you in bringing in the business you need? It may be time to complete a DIY Analysis tune-up your website or give it a complete makeover. Your website is the facade of your business or organization. Therefore, first impressions are vital as poor user experience, awkward layout,vague navigation and outdated links or information my drive your customers away to your competitors.

It may be time to complete a DIY web analysis. When conducting this analysis it may be helpful to ask these questions:

Does your site serve its purpose and is meeting its goal?

In order to understand the purpose of your website, it would be helpful to have a clear goal of what you want your website to do well before the design/development even takes place.

Is the information you provide useful to your customers?

Often businesses fall into the habit of providing more information than what is needed. This may have a negative impact of relevant information not noticed by customers who need it to make the best consumer decision possible. For example, publishing information about your staff’s hobbies and interests for your roofing will not be relevant to the services you provide. Instead, you may want to provide a few testimonials give your customers the peace of mind that they can count on your company’s services.

Does your website communicate a positive or negative message?

Your website needs to have a positive impact and positive reflection as this will communicate that you professional and competent. Outdated information, broken web forms or images can drive your customers away to your competitors. Often sites will display when their information was last updated. It may not be helpful that your information was last updated in 2008 when your competitor’s site was last updated 24 hours ago because of new tools and technology.

Does your site appeal to your customers and visitors?

If you’ve searched on the web lately, you may have come across claims that it may take seconds for visitors to decide if they are interested in visiting your site or not. This may or may not be true. However, I would argue that if your site simply takes too long to respond or if it is hard for you (the business owner for example) to find what you’re looking for then think how more difficult it will be for your customers. Your website should have a balance of function and design so it is appealing and purposeful in a way that it matches your existing brand while boosting the personality of your business or organization.

Your website needs to enhance your business, not hurt it. If you feel that your website is need of a tune-up or a complete makeover, then call us at 480.359.4847 or email us [email protected].