Designing with Color

Color can greatly improve your designs if used appropriately. Unsure where to start? Follow these helpful tips to start designing with color like a professional.

As mentioned previously in Color 101: How Color Influences Your Brand, color plays an important role in your company’s designs because it instantaneously coveys meaning without words. So if you want to implement colors into your designs effectively, you should follow these basic color principals and helpful tips.

  • A strong contrast improves legibility. Choose a single wash color for backgrounds and make sure there is plenty of contrast between the background and text.
  • Stick with color conventions and leave links blue. Many of the most popular websites use the color blue to signify a clickable link. Designers should stick with this convention for accessibility reasons.
  • Use color sparingly. If you want your color choices to have a greater impact, limit the amount of color you use. Color can be very persuasive if you don’t overwhelm viewers with too much of it.
  • Avoid clashing colors. Bad color combinations are unappealing to clients and decrease legibility.
  • Add more whitespace. Don’t fall victim to believing whitespace is a waste of space. Additional whitespace offers many benefits for your design, including increased readability, comprehension and attention.
  • Use relevant colors. The design’s color choices should match the intended goal or messaging.

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