Build Your Brand by Giving Back

If you want your customers to respect your brand, you have to be interested in more than just making a profit. A great way to attract your customer’s attention and gain their trust is through charitable efforts. Rovio Entertainment, creator of the mobile game Angry Birds, is a great example of a successful company giving back to a worthwhile cause.

If you want your brand to make an impact on society and your loyal customer base, consider building your brand through charitable efforts. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a successful global company, it never hurts to give back to your local community or support a cause your customers are passionate about. By supporting the issues your target audience cares about, you’ll attract their attention, gain their respect and earn their trust, which will ultimately fuel your marketing efforts and lead toward success.

Follow the Footsteps of Rovio Entertainment, Creator of Angry Birds

A great example of a global company giving back to a worthy cause is Rovio Entertainment, the creator of Angry Birds – the largest mobile app success in the world. Angry Birds’ latest installment, Tropical Paradise, features 26 levels of play that are geared toward raising awareness and money for endangered bird species in the South Pacific. Non-native rats from visiting boats have been devouring the birds’ eggs and are threatening to eradicate entire species.

Rovio Entertainment and BirdLife International teamed up to create a crowdfunding campaign in hopes of raising $150,000 for boats, helicopters and expert conservationists to vanquish the rats from the islands. BirdLife International has already saved 30 South Pacific bird species and Rovio Entertainment encourages its users to join the fight against bird extinction.

Contributions to the cause earn Angry Bird players rewards including digital artwork of real birds on the islands and a chance to name one of the new characters in the upcoming version of the game.

Your Brand Can Have a Real Impact on Society

Whether you have the funds to make a charitable donation or the dedication to raise awareness for a worthwhile cause, your brand can make a real difference in your local community, or even the world.

Where Should You Begin?

  1. Support issues and causes relevant to your industry.
  2. Help organizations and causes that are important to your local community.
  3. Ensure your philanthropic efforts resonate with your target audience.
  4. Align your charitable contributions with your business’ identity.
  5. Show your customers you’re interested in more than just generating a profit.

You can build your brand and have a positive impact on society at the same time. Start making the world a better place and give back when you can.

Build Your Brand By Giving Back
Written by Amanda Stoneman