Boss Saves Employee’s Life

The time a boss took to show concern for the well-being of an employee was instrumental in saving the employee’s life. From the workplace to surgery, if Bell had not made in into the hospital any earlier his life may have been in serious danger.

From the workplace to open heart surgery, in just a few hours, Mike Bell’s boss was instrumental in saving his life.

Gus Rodriquez, the owner of Jeep-Chrysler-Dodge City of McKinney, was worried about the health his car salesman who looked severely unwell at work. Rodriquez told Bell to take a sick day, see a doctor and determine what’s going on with his health. Rodriquez’s advice kept his employee alive.

After taking Rodriquez’s advice, Bell collapsed at the hospital while waiting on his diagnostic tests and results. The medical professionals rushed Bell into the emergency room for open-hear surgery. Bell had a tear in his aorta which needed to be patched right away. If he had not come in for surgery that day, the doctors believe he was likely to die.

The dealership’s owner also assisted with his employee’s financial health. Rodriquez felt it necessary to support Bell through his costly hospital stay and lengthy recovery time. Rodriquez gave Bell sufficient time to heal before returning to work and helped him pay for his medical bills.

Please remember to prioritize your own health over your responsibilities at work. If you don’t feel well, you shouldn’t feel guilty about using a sick day and refraining from going to work. Your boss should understand.

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Written by Amanda Stoneman