Back-to-School Campaigns Tackle Larger Issues

During this time of year, back-to-school campaigns are on the rise. What are some companies doing to stand apart from the competition? Take a look at Hefty’s new campaign that tackles the bigger issue of schools not having enough funding.

Last week we praised Old Navy for utilizing a back-to-school campaign to raise money for Boys and Girls Clubs in America and Canada. Now, as more back-to-school campaigns flood the marketing arena, we can talk about the one’s tackling larger issues.

Hefty, a large retailer offering a wide range of disposable tableware products, partnered with Havas Chicago to launch their humorous #SaidNoSchoolEver campaign. Their online videos, social media posts and other outreach platforms call attention to the funding deficit schools face.

More Funding for Schools? Nah, We’re Good.


While you don’t necessarily think of the Hefty brand at back-to-school time, the company proudly supports the “Box Tops for Education” loyalty program and has donated approximately $3.5 million to the cause. In addition, Hefty offers food storage bags which moms are eager to buy at this time of year for lunch-packing duties.

Although this campaign may just be a marketing effort to boost brand favorability over the more well-known competitor Ziploc, the #SaidNoSchoolEver campaign tackles the lack of funding issue many schools face and may encourage viewers to take action and improve the problem.

Watch the #SaidNoSchoolEver Videos Today!

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Back to School Campaigns Tackle Larger Issues
Written by Amanda Stoneman