Scottsdale Grayhawk Magazine

Heat Design Group Scottsdale Grayhawk Magazine Design

Redesigning Scottsdale Grayhawk Magazine, a prestigious print advertising magazine for modern look, better readability and continuity.

The goal of the redesign Scottsdale Grayhawk Magazine was to introduce a more modern up-to-date impression from front to back. All elements from the previous design included color are kept. However, placement of some of the elements were placed in various areas of the layout to provide for a better read on every page while maintaining continuity.

We have produced a magazine that renews, re-affirms and emboldens the Scottsdale Grayhawk brand while increasing its readership. Scottsdale Grayhawk magazine still continues to be a key driver in promoting community events of the Grayhawk community while engaging its readers with quality content.

Scottsdale Greyhawk Magazine MockUp showing ads and table of contents

Scottsdale Greyhawk Magazine MockUp showing a article spread

Previous Design:
The previous design of Scottsdale Grayhawk Magazine was outdated, lacked a great deal of continuity, hard to read and lack the prestige of what Grayhawk is best known for.

Scottsdale Greyhawk Magazine previous design