6 Essentials for Stellar Landing Page Copy

Writing effective landing page copy is truly an art form. There are many vital components necessary to craft compelling content that converts and sells. Follow these simple tips to help transform your landing page traffic into profitable returns.

Want to turn landing page traffic into money?
Follow these six tips to write compelling content that sells.

  1. Establish Your Main Goal

Your landing page should be narrowly focused on prompting viewers to take action. Want them to sign up for your monthly newsletter, request a consultation or buy your latest, greatest product? Whatever you are seeking, be specific. Once you establish your main goal, eliminate any element or sentence that does not contribute to achieving your desired results.

  1. Create Killer Headlines

Your main headline is the first opportunity you have to make a good impression on a potential consumer. The headline should grab a reader’s attention, communicate a complete message and lure them to action. In order to craft such an effective headline, you must offer a promise, benefit or reward of some kind. The relationship between you and your consumer should be a mutually beneficial one; if you want them to do something for you, you should offer something in return.

  • Be specific and straight to the point.
  • Use sub headings for more explanation or value proportions.
  • Include geo targets and keywords to improve landing page quality score.
  1. Write Concisely

The copy on the landing page should be clear, concise and persuasive. Get to the point, and tell viewers exactly what they want to know in as few words as possible. Every paragraph, sentence and word should serve a purpose and support your main goal. Be ruthless in the editing process and eliminate as much fluff as possible. Simplicity is your most powerful tool because it converts and sells.

  1. Emphasize Benefits

Landing page visitors are usually viciously selfish individuals who don’t care about a company’s history or goals; they are more interested in knowing what a particular company can do for them. Your copy should be geared toward what’s in the customer’s best interest. You can accomplish this by writing in second person and showcasing all the benefits the viewer will enjoy. This will enable them to visualize how the offer, product or service will impact their lives for the better.

  1. Ask for Action

Converting a viewer to action is the main goal, so ensure your landing page is geared toward action. You can direct your viewer’s actions by writing compelling, clear and specific call-to-actions coupled with action-packed copy. Verbs are your new best friend. They give your viewers definitive instruction on what they are supposed to do.

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  1. Include Testimonials

While most companies can write flawless reviews of themselves, it’s oftentimes not enough to convert a viewer. Viewers want to hear from people like themselves. If a company can’t back up its claims with shinning compliments from previous customers, chances are viewers will be less than willing to trust them. So spruce up your landing page with some spectacular reviews and see what wonders word-of-mouth can do for you.

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Written by Amanda Stoneman