3 Smartphone Etiquette Tips That Go A Long Way

Smartphone technology is now a daily requirement in today’s world. This privilege needs to include being mindful of our surroundings during our social media priorities.

Growing up in the 1990’s, I still remember the day when I looked in the newspaper to find an article advertising that USWest would be offering cellular phone service at an affordable price. With excitement, I saved and soon got my own cellular phone. During that time, it was a privilege to have communication without having to pull out a quarter to make a phone call at the nearby payphone. Even others that had this service back then seemed to be appreciative for the convenience. Fast-forward to today, this privilege seems to have been taken for granted.

According to CTIA, Approximately 330 million people have smartphone service in The United States.

With these figures, there is also an increasingly amount of users that are more preoccupied with their hand-held devices than their consciousness of those around them & I am sure we all have dealt with a smartphone user or more that were under this influence at one time or another. Here are 3 ways of Etiquette that we could use to be courteous:

  • Smartphone use while walking in public – When distracted and downcast while walking can be dangerous and even cause injury to you or others. Finding a place to use your smartphone safely is the best way to avoid accidents.
  • Explicit or Personal Conversation – Discussions of topics that are inappropriate is not just rude, it could be offensive or distracting. Have those types of phone calls in non-public spots, your car or at home.
  • Just Simply Knowing When To End Usage – Whether you are placing an order with the waiter/waitress at your favorite restaurant or in the presence of family or friends, putting away your smartphone is an intelligent way of showing that your attention is on them.

It is truly amazing what the smartphone provides. With new ideas and apps on the horizon, the smartphone will continue to be the on the leading edge of technology. With that being said, how we use our portable devices among one another should be paramount.

 Source: The Wireless Association (http://bit.ly/1knzizz)

3 Smartphone Etiquette Tips That Go A Long Way
Written by Heat Design Group